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Drying of Lumber

Drying of Lumber

Before the log is even sawn it is predetermined what industry the cuts of lumber will be used for. There are generally two types of uses – The construction industry and the fine furniture/millwork industry.

The difference is that the lumber being used for millwork, cabinet, doors and furniture is kiln dried to 6%-8% moisture content.

There are several reasons why lumber is dried and here are a few:

  1. Better usability – When wood dries it shrinks (See charts below), drying lumber before a piece of furniture is manufactured will result in a better more stable finished product. If lumber that is not dry is used in a project, over time the lumber will air dry and can result in warping, twisting, cupping, and even cracking.
  2. Increased strength – As the wood dries below 30% the strength properties increase.
  3. Better Holding Power – Nails, screws, and even glue holds better to a dry product versus a “green” product.
  4. Better Finishing – Paints and finishes adhere better.
  5. Better heat insulator – Dry wood is a better thermal insulator than wet wood.

This color variation is what also makes wood unique. If a more consistent color in your finished millwork is desired you can specify having it a “uniform color OR color selected”. Specifying this will result in a more uniform color, however, please keep in mind that there are not two cuts of lumber in the universe that are identically the same in grain pattern and/or color.